Share Your Home

Homesharing is a simple idea: a homeowner offers an extra room in their home to someone looking for an affordable room to rent.

A successful match offers homesharers the opportunity for companionship, reduced housing cost, and the continuation of an independent lifestyle— and unlike other roommate options, we carefully screen each and every applicant to make the best, most secure match possible. Our application process includes an interview, a background check, and conversation with personal references.

How it Works

What does a typical homesharing situation look like?

Most homesharing matches involve two individuals sharing a home. Rent averages $400-$700 per month with flexible (often month to month) leases.

How do I get started?

Ready to get started? Review our eligibility guidelines and complete our online application form.

What's the match process?

  • Homeproviders fill out an application.

  • Homesharing staff respond to applications and will reach out to prospective providers to schedule an interview.

  • Home providers are interviewed in their homes and Homesharing staff assess the house for suitability.

  • Homesharing staff carefully check references, rental history and complete a Maryland Judiciary background check. Homesharing staff refer home seekers and home providers based on compatibility of lifestyles and personalities.

  • Once the application is reviewed and approved, Host home providers (for the Journey of Hope program for youth aged 18-24) attend one training that further prepares them to be a home provider.

  • Home seekers communicate with homeproviders and visit their home, then they mutually decide if they're a good match.

  • Homesharing staff meet with the two parties to finalize the match.

Is there a fee to apply?

There are fees for our program, to cover the cost of screening.

These include:

  • For home seekers: An in-person interview fee of $20-$50 depending on annual income and a match fee that is double the interview fee.

  • For home providers: A $50 application fee and a one-time match fee at the start of a successful match that equals one-third of one full month’s rent.

Does St. Ambrose stay involved after the match is made?

Our coordinator facilitates each Homesharing contract and provides regular follow-up services. When it comes to yearly rent raises and living arrangements, home sharers are individually empowered to negotiate and create their own successful living arrangements.

Are there any areas of need?

We've recently introduced a program for homeless youth ages 18–24. If you are interested in hosting a youth for a three- to five-month period, please contact Homesharing Director Shalawn James or Youth Case Manager Siri Morris to learn more about the host home training and benefits, by email or by phone, 410-366-8550 x243.