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A pathway home and a springboard to a better life.

Support Housing Justice in Our Community

St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center has launched a program that gives returning citizens a second chance, and the compassion and support they need, to start the next chapter of their life.
rt the next chapter of their life.
If you are a homeowner with an extra room, you could earn $500 per month for up to six months and support housing justice in our community through 180 Homeshare.
rt the next chapter of their life.
All program participants are vetted and go through a match process. Call 410-366-6180 or click Read More to get started.
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Affordable Rental Options

Affordable rental units located throughout Baltimore City and County. 

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Renovated Homes for Sale

Top-quality, affordable homeownership opportunities.

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Prepare for Homeownership

Understand the homebuying process.

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Financial Coaching

Align your financial goals and values with habits and practices.

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Home Repairs and Upgrades

Repairs and safety modifications so you can age in place and protect your home asset.

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Transitional Housing for Youth

Safe, welcoming, housing for youth aged 18-24 who are experiencing homelessness.

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Eviction Prevention

Support for renters at risk for housing loss.

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Foreclosure Prevention

We can help you make a plan and connect with resources.

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Legal Advice

Advice and representation for legal matters that impact housing.

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A Pathway Home

Find out how homeownership is in reach and how we can help.

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Our Culture of Dignity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging


Founded in 1968 to confront pervasive redlining and blockbusting practices, St. Ambrose remains committed to its vision of communities where every person has dignified, affordable housing opportunities; access to information to make sound decisions about their housing needs and options; and neighborhoods where people of all races and incomes call home.

Counseled for successful home purchase or foreclosure or eviction prevention

Received housing through homesharing, including youth exiting homelessness

Received free civil legal advice or representation

People called our rental properties home

Aging and legacy residents received home repairs to protect their home assets and support aging in place

Served with a holistic, multi-pronged approach to affordable housing that is rooted in the pursuit of social, economic and racial injustice