Homesharing is a simple idea: a homeowner offers an extra room in their home to someone looking for an affordable room to rent.

A successful match offers homesharers the opportunity for companionship, reduced housing cost, and the continuation of an independent lifestyle— and unlike other roommate options, we carefully screen each and every applicant to make the best, most secure match possible. Our application process includes an interview, a background check, and conversation with personal references.

Since its inception more than 30 years ago, the Homesharing Department has matched more than 1,800 clients and impacted the lives of 3,600 individuals. The longest homeshare is 29 years (and still going!) Homesharing makes use of existing housing supply throughout Baltimore City and County, and helps preserve the social fabric of neighborhoods by facilitating connections with those who feel a deep sense of connection to their neighborhoods and community.

How it Works