Giving through the Community Investment Tax Credit Program

Community Investment Tax Credits help St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center raise critical funds that support our community with housing and programs that impact the trajectory of the lives of hundreds of individuals every year. They also significantly reduce the out-of-pocket cost of your donation.

Through the state of Maryland’s Community Investment Tax Credits program, donations of $500 or more to St. Ambrose are eligible to earn tax credits equal to 50% of the value of the donation.

Currently, all CITC-eligible donations will go towards St. Ambrose’s Capital Improvement III project. Funds will support capital improvements to St. Ambrose’s offices to improve energy efficiency, cost-savings, and the ability to serve clients with affordable housing solutions.


 Project description:

Capital improvements will allow St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center to continue to meet the needs of our staff and clients by providing a safe, secure and professional public space and to reduce maintenance and operating costs for the organization. Like the prospective and current homeowners that we teach, we practice energy efficiency and are always looking for ways to improve our bottom line.

Your tax credit-eligible gift will ensure that St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center can continue to serve the Baltimore community for years to come.

When people turn to St. Ambrose, your generosity ensures that we’re able to provide for them. Whether it’s preparing someone to buy their first home, making it possible for an aging homeowner to continue to live in the neighborhood they know and love, or helping one generation care for the next, your support will change lives.


How to make a Community Investment Tax Credit eligible gift:

To be eligible for tax credits, please fill out the Donor Acknowledgement section of the CITC Donor Acknowledgement Form 2023 and send it to Julia Mulliganiel before or at the same time of the donation.  

Gifts can be made online at (note CITC in comments section) or by check to:

Attn: Julia Mulliganiel

St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center

321 E 25th St

Baltimore, MD 21218

Please contact Julia Mulliganiel at or 410-366-8550 x 267 with any questions, if you’d like to make a gift of stock, or for more information.