About Homesharing

Homesharing is a simple idea: a homeowner offers an extra room in their home to someone looking for an affordable room to rent. St. Ambrose Homesharing matches these two parties based on various levels of compatibility.

Homesharing with St. Ambrose is more secure than other roommate options. Homesharing staff with years of experience carefully screen each applicant through interviewing, background checking, and personal references.

A successful match offers homesharers the opportunity for companionship, reduced housing cost, and the continuation of an independent lifestyle. The community benefits from our program. Homesharing makes use of existing housing supply and helps preserve the fabric of neighborhoods. Homesharing is available in Baltimore City and County.

Getting Started


  • Review our eligibility criteria (PDF)
  • Complete an application (PDF) to participate in the program
  • Homesharing staff will verify receipt of your application and schedule an in-home interview. During the pandemic, we are conducting virtual interviews.


  • Review our eligibility criteria (PDF)
  • Call the Homesharing office at 410-366-6180 to discuss your application with a Homesharing counselor.

Application interviews screen for compatibility of lifestyles and personalities. References are contacted and criminal history records are checked with the Maryland Judiciary Record, National Sex Offender Registry, and the Office of the Inspector General, as appropriate. Homesharing staff facilitates each Homesharing contract and regular follow-up services are provided, but home sharers are individually empowered to negotiate and create their own successful living arrangements.

If the Homesharing program cannot match applicants for eligibility reasons, we strive to meet housing needs through a combination of St. Ambrose resources and community referrals.


Parent-Child Homesharing

Parent-Child Homesharing

Thanks to support from the William J. And Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation, Homesharing is available for single parents or guardians with one child 12 years or younger. We are also searching for homeowners who are able to open their home to a single parent and child. Read Brandy’s Story about Homesharing with her daughter.


Point Source Youth

Host Home Program for Homeless Youth

St. Ambrose Homesharing is now offering a Host Home program for homeless youth age 18–24. If you are a homeowner interested in hosting a youth for a three- to five-month period, please contact Homesharing Director Brittny Herring to learn more about the host home training and benefits,, 410-366-6180 x248.


Media Coverage of St. Ambrose Homesharing


More Information for Potential Homesharers

  • Ever wondered how adding a homesharer to your household will affect your utility costs? Try BGE's energy calculator, which lets you calculate expected home energy costs based on number of occupants and other characteristics of your home.
  • Looking for Homesharing outside of the Baltimore City/County area? Interested in how to do Homesharing on your own? Check the National Shared Housing Resource Center for more information about Homesharing throughout the US.
  • Considering Homesharing but want to understand your rights as a home provider or home sharer? The Tenant-Landlord Program at Baltimore Neighborhoods can provide free information about rights and legal issues.