About St. Ambrose

The mission of St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center Inc., is to create and maintain equal housing opportunities for low- and moderate-income people, primarily in Baltimore City, and to encourage and support strong and diverse neighborhoods. St. Ambrose is a non-denominational 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

All of St. Ambrose’s programs serve the entire Baltimore area.

Map of St. Ambrose's activities in Baltimore

St. Ambrose at a Glance

  • Baltimore’s oldest non-profit housing provider with over 125,000 families served since 1968.
  • Innovative and evolving programs that help 3,000 low- and moderate-income families each year:
    • buy their first home
    • share their home
    • move from shelters to permanent housing
    • obtain quality, affordable, rentals
    • avoid loss of homeownership
    • purchase a quality renovation at an affordable price
  • A community-based nonprofit with a broad base of support from:
    • committed and concerned individuals
    • local corporations and financial institutions
    • local and national foundations
    • City of Baltimore
    • State of Maryland
    • federal government
    • religious organizations
    • community and civic organizations
  • Innovative solutions to Baltimore’s housing issues:
    • First HUD Asset Control Area manager
    • Baltimore pilot program for Homeownership Preservation Effort, 1-888-995-HOPE
    • Maryland’s only homesharing program
  • Committed to strengthening and stabilizing Baltimore’s oldest neighborhoods




  • Gerard J. Joab, Executive Director
  • Amy Larocque-Rumano, Deputy Director
  • Jo Ann Thomas, Director, Rental Services
  • Cheryl Hinton, Chief Financial Officer
  • Lindsey Henley, Director, Resource Development
  • Warren White, Director, Human Resources
  • Shalawn James, Director, Homesharing
  • David Sann, Director, Housing Development
  • Owen Jarvis, Esq., Director, Legal Services
  • Pamela Petty, Director, Housing Counseling

Support Staff

  • Anita Alexander
  • Robert Brown
  • Robert Cheeks
  • Gary Davis
  • Mary Ann Dixon
  • Marian Ervin
  • Karen Gary
  • Denise Hairston
  • Jeffrey Hayes
  • Dwight Madison
  • Leah Mason-Grant
  • Curtis McNeil
  • Julia Mulliganiel
  • Kevin O’Reilly
  • Grace Parker
  • Faye Pierce
  • Cathy Poindexter
  • Angela Robinson
  • Damel Ross
  • Jennifer Roy
  • Kelley Sawyer
  • Sam Tsembides
  • Karen White
  • Judy Yorker
  • Katelynn Zidanic

Volunteers and Interns

St. Ambrose is grateful for the talent provided by the following institutions through their internship and summer work programs.

  • Cristo Rey Jesuit High School
  • Johns Hopkins Community Impact Internship
  • University of Baltimore—School of Law
  • University of Maryland, College Park
  • University of Maryland—School of Law
  • University of Maryland—School of Social Work